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It is known that in 2012 Ukraine will be the European Football Championship «EURO 2012» . And to this great event in our country is a great preparation — reconstructed and built new stadiums, roads, hotels, and airports. Thus this wonderful event a little closer infrastructure of Ukraine to European standards. Although the level of developed countries in this regard, Ukraine, probably will not ever.

Why? Yes, because we still have a very high level of corruption with which the government is absolutely no fighting. How to take bribes in the previous president, just take and at the present, only much larger amounts. And the downward trend in the level of corruption is not currently there, unfortunately.

Economy of the country to finish all the authorities before the end still can not. Economy, especially built on private capital, — a thing quite tenacious. And, thank God, there is no famine in Ukraine.

And in such circumstances, we, the Ukrainians will have to meet foreign guests from almost all civilized countries. It is hoped that the problems with airports, stadiums and hotels will not. There is still a hope.

What about roads I would say be careful. I'm not entirely sure that everything at least the main highway between major cities will have time to repair. Say so, drawing on information not only from television news and newspapers. I travel a lot for all regions of Ukraine (on mission'm up to 180 days per year) and see it for themselves.

And what he sees in Ukraine foreign guests who come to us on the Championship or stay? What are the challenges it will face in Ukraine? How to get out of difficult situations, or better — as they do not get. Answers to these and many other questions can be found on this site.

If you consider, that some themes are not covered on this site, we wait for your offers and stories. Write on the address: admin (dog)

It PDA the version of a site

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